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Reengineering the Window Film
Hüper Optik heralds the window film industry into a new era with advanced
nano-technology and the world’s first and only Nano-ceramic solar control films
for application in the architectural and automotive markets. Unlike other films,
Hüper Optik films are suitable for marine and coastal installations, without the
risk of deterioration in the salt content environment. Guaranteed!

This worldwide-patented ceramic technology is the culmination of distinctive
German research and state-of-the-art production capabilities.
Our films qualify for rebates in the USA due to their effective reduction
in Solar Heat Gain Coefficiency
. In other words, they lower the amount of
heat entering a building.

Hüper Optik New Zealand has established a National Dealer Network Program
by selecting the most proficient and experienced window film specialists to assist
you with your window and energy efficiency needs. Contact your local, authorized
Hüper Optik dealer today.

Who are you dealing with?

Hüper Optik NZ has seen the humble window film develop from simple dyed
polyester with all it’s shortcomings to this high-tech product made with the
latest patented technology.

Between the two partners, a total of over 38 years of hands-on window tinting
experience has outlasted most other tinters. Even today, we are involved with
installations. Our emphasis has always been on providing the most appropriate
film to suit a client's requirements. This "finger on the pulse" attitude has be-
nefitted our clients by giving them the latest technological advances. Hüper Optik
NZ is represented at the Master Tinters Association of New Zealand as an active
member, ensuring you will always be informed of all the latest developments
affecting home and property owners.

The market

All of the films sold in the New Zealand market are metallised or dyed. They come in
different colours and qualities. Some films are not suitable for our high levels of Ultra
Violet (UV) &deteriorate rapidly, giving you very little protection. Most reputable dealers
know the difference and stay clear of the bad ones. Generally, if it’s cheap, it won’t last.
The most effective films tend to be quite reflective.Architects,home &business owners
have told us for a long time,that they don’t like reflective or dark films in many situations.
The trouble is, they demand performance.

The solution

We discovered Hüper Optik and found the product range to fall exactly into the area,
where people want clear visibility and high performance.
Hüper Optik International has gained an extremely good reputation worldwide over the
years. To protect this reputation, dealers are carefully screened. Our track record of
ethics and customer care program allowed us to become part of the global Hüper Optik
family.We are privileged to have the support of an industry leading,innovative group of
people, allowing us to look after the diverse needs of Kiwis.

Since the introduction of the Nano-Ceramic films in 2006 to our shores, we have heard
nothing but praise about the films and invite you to have a look at what it is all about.

Hüper Optik New Zealand is available from members of Master Tinters & some selected
experienced window film dealers and installers in most parts of the country to date. 


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